28 октября 2014
An open lecture by a foreign Professor of the Department of Normal Physiology brings an “extended view” to the 1st MSMU students.

On October 24, 2014 at the Physiological Building of the University on Mokhovaya St. was delivered a lecture by a foreign specialist Prof. Walter Kofler (Austria): “Feelings and Sensory Perceptions from an extended view”, organized by the Dean’s Office for international students and the Department of Normal Physiology.

The lecture was addressed to foreign students of the second year (English medium) and read in English in the course of the discipline "Physiology". However, many Russian students, including of senior courses, also attended the lecture. Almost all the students came to the lecture well prepared as Austrian Professor emailed newsletter summary of methodological materials on the topic of the lecture to addresses of students who attended his presentations before.

Despite the complexity of the subject, lecture aroused great interest with the audience and ended, as usual, in lengthy discussions. Students didn’t let professor go for a long, asking a lot of questions, some being so tricky that puzzled even the renowned scholar himself. A few of these questions Professor Kofler noted down as his "homework" for the preparation of his next lecture, scheduled for January next year.

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