11 октября 2017

amee.jpgUnder the framework of the VIII International Conference "Russian Medical Education- 2017. Innovative educational technologies in medicine" Sechenov University and the Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE) signed a bilateral agreement.
The document was signed by Prof. Andrey Svistunov, Sechenov University First Vice-rector, Chairman of Russian of Russian Public Organization “Russian society of simulation training in medicine” and Prof. Trevor Gibbs, AMEE Development Officer. According to the document, AMEE will open the first overseas Representative Office at Sechenov University in April, 2018. Collaboration between the AMEE and a separate medical University had no precedent in history of the Asscoation.
Opening of the AMEE First overseas Representative Office at Sechenov University confirms University’s willingness to develop network partnership with the world leaders in medical education.
On the one hand, it will promote the integration of the Russian medical education in the global educational context. Cooperation with the Association will help the Russian professors, scientists, physicians and students to follow up with the changes of medical education and healthcare. On the other hand, it will help to use the latest European educational technologies in solving problems of Russian medical education. Moreover, it’ll also lead to further recognition of Sechenov University around the world.

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