19 июня 2017
Achievements in Biomedicine presented at the Sechenov International Biomedical Summit

Recent research in Genetic Engineering, Regenerative Medicine, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Biochemistry and Biomedical Technologies became the main themes of discussion at the Sechenov International Biomedical Summit (SIBS 2017), which was held on June 16-20, 2017.

The event was held in the framework of the project Nobel Tаlks @ Sechenov University with the participation of the Nobel laureates, leading Russian and foreign scientists, doctors, representatives of the Ministry of Health of Russian Federation, heads of major pharmaceutical companies and medical students.

SIBS became global and strategically important event for the scientific world. Russian and foreign scientists presented their research results, shared scientific knowledge with the colleagues. 

In the framework of the scientific program, experts discussed the latest achievements and innovative discoveries in the field of Oncology, Regenerative Medicine and Molecular Medicine.

The key agenda of the first day of SIBS was oncology. The leading expert was  Prof. Avram Hershko, the Nobel prize winner in Chemistry (2004). He gave a lecture on «Cancer : time to win».
Prof. Ada Yonath, the Nobel prize winner in Chemistry (2009) made a presentation on "Molecular markers and targets of human disease", spoke about the fundamental role of ribosomes, environmental and commercial aspect. 
Prof. James Yu, Deputy Director of the Institute for regenerative medicine, Wake Forest (USA) made a report on "Regenerative medicine: progress, challenges and prospects"

There're also 2 plennary meetings: Regenerative medicine-3D technologies and  Regenerative medicine: cells, biomaterials, bioethics. After the plenary meetings a round table on Topical issues of development and implementation of cellular technologies was held.

Overall, SIBS-2017 held 8 plenary meetings and a round table, made more than 50 presentations and a poster session. 

As a result, SIBS helped the participants to exchange experience among the medical and scientific communities, to promote cooperation with the leading Russian and foreign research centers. 

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