1 октября 2014

Рабочий визит делегации Медицинского совета Таиланда в Первый МГМУ имени И.М. СеченоваAt the end of September, 2014 Dr. Prasobsri Ungthavorn, 1st Vice President of the Medical Council of Thailand (MCT), Chairman of the Subcommittee on accreditation of foreign medical schools, paid a working visit to the I.M. Sechenov First MSMU. The visit took place a few months after accreditation of the University’s General Medicine programme by the MCT.

Dr. Prasobsri had a wide range discussion with Professor Oleg Glazachev, the Dean for international students. The Thai guest noted that Thailand, with its 70-million population, is famous not only for its seaside resorts, but rather developed network of available medical facilities, many of which being under the auspices of the Royal family. To stuff all these institutions there is a need to prepare medical specialists not only at home but also abroad. The MST sets very high requirements for medical universities seeking to obtain its accreditation.

Dr. Prasobsri commended the accreditation documents submitted by the MSMU, which permitted to carry out the accreditation process in a relatively short period of time. As a result, Thai medical faculty graduates can skip collecting numerous papers and other formalities for the admission to qualification examinations, which makes training at the MSMU more attractive for Thai students.

Professor Oleg Glazachev in detail described the experience of training medical personnel for foreign countries, special aspects of Рабочий визит делегации Медицинского совета Таиланда в Первый МГМУ имени И.М. Сеченоваteaching English-speaking students. At the initial stages education is conducted in English for General Medicine programme. Students are provided with electronic textbooks and manuals in foreign languages, prepared by the academic staff of the University. To facilitate cross-cultural adaptation international students are offered a 3-year course of the Russian language. Due attention is paid to optimization of forms and training programmes of medical practice aimed at maximum development of practical skills which are exercised at the Centre of continuing professional education.

The Dean expressed interest in admitting more students from Thailand, increasing the number of graduates who would continue training in internship and residency. Dr. Prasobsri, in turn, suggested exchanging students for short-term elective courses in vacation time.

The guest from Thailand visited the University’s Clinical Hospital No. 1 and Medical practical training center "Praxi Medica". During her visit to the MSMU she was accompanied by Ms. Washarin Vongvivattanachaya, the First Secretary/Consul of the Royal Thai Embassy in Moscow.

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