7 февраля 2017
Lecture by Prof. James Fraser from Cambridge University Dr. James Fraser (the head of Cambridge MedSoc) gave a speech to the First MSMU students on “Understanding abnormal excitability of skeletal and cardiac muscle”.
Then medical students from Cambridge MedSoc spoke about their training at the Cambridge college.
The lecture was preceded by the ceremonial greetings of the Center for Research Career’s tutor, Mr. Nikita Suschentsev. He told about his visit to Cambridge University together with the Director of the Institute for Regenerative Medicine, Dr.  Denis Butnaru, in November 2016. The visit had laid foundation for a future collaboration between the two universities.

After the lecture on “Understanding abnormal excitability of skeletal and cardiac muscle”, Prof. James Fraser made a presentation on the history of the University of Cambridge. Professor told about the structure and activities of the University and even shared with the First MSMU students some distinctive features of Cambridge University, such as admission only of the most motivated applicants, support to students’ scientific careers and establishment of innovative hubs.Dr. James Fraser was really pleased by the meeting with the students.

The representatives of the Cambridge MedSoc told the audience about the history of the Cambridge colleges and shared experience on admission and training there.
On the next day First MSMU and Cambridge MedSoc signed a Cooperation Agreement. The both sides agreed to strengthen and deepen links and promote academic cooperation. Under the framework of cooperation between Center for Research Career and Cambridge MedSoc Summer School of Urology will be held at First MSMU in June 2017.

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