Unique and portable I.M. Sechenov’s gas analyzer (Portable respiratory apparatus)

Unique and portable I.M. Sechenov’s gas analyzer (Portable respiratory apparatus)

Date. 1900.

Author. Ivan M. Sechenov (1829 - 1905) – physiologist, PhD, Professor of Emperor Moscow University, Medical Department, academician.

Aims. Defining physicochemical aspects of physiological processes: dissolubility of blood gasses and brines, process of exchange blood gasses during breathing, gas analysis of inhaled and exhaled air. Defining the dissolubility of gas depending on concentration of salt in brines.

Tasks. Examination of human breathing in motion.

Structure and principles of working. Portable gas analyser consists of two devices which are secured on the shoulders with the help of straps. The first device with an absorbent of carbon dioxide was placed on the breast of a patient and the second gear with a lowering outflow opening was on the back.

A curious fact is that many glass details of the device were made by I. M. Sechenov from scratch. (During 1856 – 1860es, when working on his dissertation in Germany, he took glass-blowing lessons).

Stages of work. To prove his conclusions experimentally, I. M. Sechenov throughout his career has created a series of different devices and appliances for exact measurements in the field of respiration: absorptiometer, stationary gas analyser, which gave the opportunity of studying human respiration when stationary, and finally – the portable gas analyser.

“Honestly speaking, — I. M. Sechenov wrote, — the portable device was a true joy for me, as I have always dreamed of studying respiration in motion”.


Implementation. The procedure I. M. Sechenov has worked out for studying the gas exchange later on was used a lot by his pupil – M. N. Shaternikov and his co-workers when measuring embodied energy and defining physiological norms of nutrition for different age groups and professions of our country.

Publication. I. M. Sechenov. Portable breathing apparatus. Moscow, 1900.

Value. Studies in this field gave the scientist an opportunity to write a new page of the history of physiological chemistry creating a foundation for the modern idea of breathing function of blood. The dependence he has found between dissolubility of gas and concentration of salts in solutions is called in the world of science the Sechenov’s law.


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